Certified Internal Auditor of Mongolia /CIA Mongolia Exam Preparation Program


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Government Resolution No. 311, Government Resolution No. 311, Resolution No. 311 of November 9, Government Resolution No. 129 of November 17, 2012, Budget Law, “General Guidelines for Socio-Economic Development” and registration the shortlisted staff of internal auditors and auditors will be trained within the scope development to provide certified internal auditors title of Internal Auditing by the public or private sector as recommended by third, fourth and fifth State reference and finance guidance. Building an internal control structure within the framework of the goal of building good corporate governance is fundamentally important.

Who can apply?

Professionals who can apply as follows:
  • Internal auditors
  • Supervisors
  • Shareholders
  • Board members
  • Chief executive officer
  • Heads of departments
  • Inspectors,
  • Accountants
  • Economists
  • Financial managers
  • Lawyers, engineers
  • Other professionals and individuals who are employed or interested in work.

What knowledge and skills will you gain in this program?

There are 2 types of Audit which is: internal and external. We have a good knowledge of external auditing, but most people had not so much details about the internal audit. During our program you will have extensive knowledge of the organization, internal audit, ethics, methods, independency, objective, internal audit, rules of control, and the job descriptions that apply to the organization’s owners and executives.

Meet the instructors

The class will be held by CIA Mongolia certified teachers and will use 4 books developed by the internationally qualified internal auditor authorization program, authored by the The President of the Institute of Internal Auditors Mongolia, Certified Internal Auditor L.Otgonbayar.


CIA Mongolia, CMA Mongolia, CICA Mongolia, CGA Mongolia, CPA, CPB Mongolia, CAT Mongolia, CCFO Mongolia, CCEO Mongolia

The President of the IMA Mongolia, IIA Mongolia, ICI Mongolia and the President of BIZCON AUDIT LLC
• 1993-1997 Mandakh University- Bachelor of Accounting
• 1997-1999 NUM Business school-Master of Science in Finance
• 1999-2006 MonCPA- Certified Public Accountant Mongolia
• 2003-2016 CIA Mongolia- Certified Internal Auditor Mongolia
• 2003-2016 CMA Mongolia- Certified Management Accountant Mongolia
• 2012 Financial Regulatory Commission, National Corporate Governance Center-Corporate Governance Trainer
• 2007 Japan, JAICA and JICPA- Accounting and Audit Ability Building Training
• 2006 IMCMA- Auditing and Assurance Service Certification Training
• 2002 Singapore, Raffles Education Center-Professional Training
• 2004 Ministry of Finance- IFRS Training
• 2005 Social Security Development Program – Training for Insurance Administrations
• 2007 Malaysia, Ernest & Young LLC – Training for World Class Corporate Governance, Strategic Planning, Risk Management and Supervision Coordination
• 1999 Arthur Andersen and Ministry of Finance-Training for Cost Management Accountant
• 2003 Asian Development Bank, IMCMA- Improving the Audit Firm's Policies and Procedures
• 2006 CMA Mongolia – Trainer and Consultant on Organizational Control Board or Auditing, and Internal Audit and monitoring System;
• 2007 CMA Mongolia– Trainer and Consultant on Administrative and Financial Management
• 2017-2018 Harvard University –General Management Program
• 1997-2001 Mandakh University- Accounting Teacher
• 1997-2001 Professional Council of Finance at the Finance Minister -Teacher
• 2001-2002 Arthur Andersen Mongolia LLC –Auditor
• 2004-2016 MonCPA- Board of Directors Member
• Since 2002 BIZCON AUDIT LLC- President
• Since 2003 IMA Mongolia-Head of the Institute
• Since 2003 IIA Mongolia-Head of the Institute


Book-1 The Basics in Internal Auditing and the Best Experiences

Section 1

Internal audit, Controlling benefits, Internal control, risk, framework, COSO and CoCo, Objectivity and Impartiality

Section 2

Set up internal audit activity, assurance/Evidence/, fraud, documentation, planning, deming cycle/PDCA/, Collaboration, Summarize, working papers

Section 3

Summary results, evaluate, efficient financial reporting, commitment/Implementation, 5 Whys, true/false analyzing Ishikawa diagram, Kaizen, barriers to collaboration, successfully building WE, team meeting

Book-2 Internal Auditing Workbook


Budget Law, Government act 129, finance minister statement

Internal audit

Internal Audit Framework (on example), Internal inspection, Audit, 3rd party audit difference, Efficient monitoring system, Governance of risk management, Definition of Internal Audit

Chapter 3

Internal audit methods and trends, Internal Auditing in Boroo Gold LLC, Annual audit plan, Documentation, Quality assurance, Guidance

Book-3 Internal Audit student book

Section 1

The Evolution of Internal Audit

Section 2

Rules, objectivity and impartiality

Section 3

Standard and professional ability

Section 4

Internal Audit duties and responsibilities

Section 5

Monitoring 1

Section 6

Monitoring 2

Section 7

Internal Auditing plan and monitoring

Section 8

Managing Internal Audit Function 1

Section 9

Managing Internal Audit Function 2

Section 10


Book-4 Certified Internal Audit Test Workbook

Section 1

Test of the Basics of Internal Audit and the Best experience Workbook

Section 2

Test of the Internal Control Workbook

Section 3

Test of The Internal Audit Workbook

Section 4

Test of the Internal Audit book

Internal auditors specializing in Mongolia



8 working days


Naiman Sharga Center, Bizcon Audit 4th floor, Room 402

Tuition includes

4 Books and Certificate


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