CAT Mongolia – Certified Accounting Technician of Mongolia Exam Preparation Program 1 year


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Provide CAT with short term financial theoretical, practical program with foreign language and help them to become specialists who meet executive expectations.

What is the difference between Certified Accounting Technician / CAT / and Certified Public Accountant /CPA/ ?

The specialized accounting staff will study according to the hierarchical program that combines financial accounting with the practice, as well as prepare professional accountant’s exams, basic English, professional English language proficiency and complete training courses and save your precious time and money. will. It also features relatively flexible in terms of requirements.

Who can apply?

  • University students
  • Accountants
  • Everyone who is interested in

Why Choose US?

  1. Will learn the basics of CPA and CPTA programs.
  2. Will learn accounting English.
  3. Will learn English online for more than intermediate level and internationally recognized certificate will be granted.
  4. Will become personnel who can give professional advice for executives.
  5. Will become specialist not only in a domestic company but also will learn talent to work in a foreign investment companies
  6. Will learn to process decision-making information needed at management level from external resources.



Module 1

Accounting – 1

1 month

6,5 credit

Understanding accounting, Accounting regulations, IFRS, Accounting methods, Accounting statements, Cash statement, Receivables account, Inventory report, Fixed asset accounting, related standards

Module 2

Financial accounting – 2

1 month

4 credit

Intangible, Short term liabilities, Long term liabilities, Investment, share account,Shareholder equity statement, Accrued dividend, related standards

Module 3

Cost accounting

1 month

4 credit

Understanding cost, goods, labor, Value added cost, Job order costing system, Combined products,Combined cost of production, standard cost accounting

Module 4

Management accounting and advanced accounting

1 month

8,5 credit

Understanding management accounting, Finance, Cost, Management accounting difference, differential costs, Master budget, Assess for investment decisions, segment reporting, Financial Statement Analysis

Module 5

IFRS of small and medium enterprises

1 month

3 credit

Revenue recognition, Rent, Income tax, Accounting error, Share based payment, Operating Segments

Module 6

CPA preparation Program

1 month

4 credit

Accounting, Cost accounting, Management accounting, Exercises

Module 7

Professional English

1 month

3 credit

Accounting, Cash accounting, Receivables, Fixed asset statement, Liability reporting, Equity method, Financial statement

Module 8


1 month

3 credit

Law on accounting, Law on tax, Law on Auditing, Law on Organizational income tax, Law on personal income tax, Law on value added tax, Law on income tax, Law on custom, Law on real estate tax, АТӨЯХАТ-ын тухай хууль, Law on Social Insurance

Module 9


1 month

3 credit

Online learning: Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced

Module 10


1 month

3 credit

Open source software, Internet, Financial sofware

Mongolian Certified Accounting Technicians

More about training


1 year


Morning class:  9:30-12:30
Afternoon class: 13:30-16:30
Evening class: 17:30-20:00


Bizcon Mongol 3 branch: Mongolian 3rd school, 86a building, Bizcon office

Tuition includes

Workbooks, practice
Online English classes.


IIA Mongolia NGO
Khaan Bank: 5020183197
Business registry: 8043019



CAT Mongolia