Microsoft excel all shortcuts

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Shortcut key                                   Action</stron
 Ctrl+A                                              Select All
Ctrl+B                                             Bold
Ctrl+C                                             Copy
Ctrl+D                                             Fill Down
Ctrl+F                                              Find
Ctrl+G                                             Go to
Ctrl+H                                             Replace
Ctrl+I                                               Italic
Ctrl+K                                             Insert Hyperlink
Ctrl+N                                             New Workbook

Ctrl+O                                             Open
Ctrl+P                                              Print
Ctrl+R                                             Fill Right
Ctrl+S                                              Save
Ctrl+U                                             Underline
Ctrl+V                                             Paste
Ctrl W                                             Close
Ctrl+X                                             Cut
Ctrl+Y                                             Repeat
Ctrl+Z                                             Undo

F1                                                     Help
F2                                                     Edit
F3                                                     Paste Name
F4                                                     Repeat last action
F4                                                     While typing a formula, switch between absolute/relative refs
F5                                                     Go to
F6                                                     Next Pane

F7                                                     Spell check
F8                                                     Extend mode
F9                                                     Recalculate all workbooks
F10                                                   Activate Menubar
F11                                                   New Chart
F12                                                   Save As
Ctrl+:                                               Insert Current Time
Ctrl+”                                              Copy Value from Cell Above
Ctrl+’                                               Copy Formula from Cell Above
Shift                                                 Hold down shift for additional functions in Excel’s menu
Shift+F1                                          What’s This?
Shift+F2                                          Edit cell comment

Shift+F3                                          Paste function into formula
Shift+F4                                          Find Next
Shift+F5                                          Find
Shift+F6                                          Previous Pane
Shift+F8                                          Add to selection
Shift+F9                                          Calculate active worksheet
Ctrl+Alt+F9                                    Calculate all worksheets in all open workbooks, regardless of whether they have changed since the last calculation.
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F9                      Rechecks dependent formulas and then calculates all cells in all open workbooks,including cells not marked as needing to be calculated.
Shift+F10                                        Display shortcut menu

Shift+F11                                        New worksheet
Shift+F12                                        Save
Ctrl+F3                                            Define name
Ctrl+F4                                            Close
Ctrl+F5                                            XL, Restore window size
Ctrl+F6                                            Next workbook window
Shift+Ctrl+F6                               Previous workbook window
Ctrl+F7                                            Move window
Ctrl+F8                                            Resize window
Ctrl+F9                                            Minimize workbook
Ctrl+F10                                          Maximize or restore window
Ctrl+F11                                          Inset 4.0 Macro sheet
Ctrl+F12                                          File Open

Alt+F1                                               Insert Chart
Alt+F2                                             Save As
Alt+F4                                              Exit
Alt+F8                                              Macro dialog box
Alt+F11                                             Visual Basic Editor
Ctrl+Shift+F3                                 Create name by using names of row and column labels
Ctrl+Shift+F6                                 Previous Window
Alt+Shift+F1                                   New worksheet
Alt+Shift+F2                                   Save
Alt+=                                                AutoSum
Ctrl+`                                               Toggle Value/Formula display
Ctrl+Shift+A                                   Insert argument names into formula
Alt+Down arrow                            Display AutoComplete list
Alt+’                                                 Format Style dialog box
Ctrl+Shift+~                                    General format
Ctrl+Shift+!                                    Comma format
Ctrl+Shift+@                                  Time format
Ctrl+Shift+#                                    Date format
Ctrl+Shift+$                                    Currency format
Ctrl+Shift+%                                  Percent format
Ctrl+Shift+^                                   Exponential format
Ctrl+Shift+&                                  Place outline border around selected cells
Ctrl+Shift+_                                    Remove outline border

Ctrl+Shift+*                                    Select the current region around the active cell. In a PivotTable report, select the entire PivotTable report.
Ctrl++                                              Insert
Ctrl+-                                               Delete
Ctrl+1                                              Format cells dialog box
Ctrl+2                                              Bold
Ctrl+3                                              Italic
Ctrl+4                                              Underline

Ctrl+5                                              Strikethrough
Ctrl+6                                              Show/Hide objects
Ctrl+7                                              Show/Hide Standard toolbar
Ctrl+8                                              Toggle Outline symbols
Ctrl+9                                              Hide rows
Ctrl+0                                              Hide columns
Ctrl+Shift+(                                    Unhide rows
Ctrl+Shift+)                                    Unhide columns
Alt or F10                                        Activate the menu
Ctrl+Tab                                         In toolbar: next toolbar
Shift+Ctrl+Tab                            In toolbar: previous toolbar
Tab                                                     Next tool
Shift+Tab                                        Previous tool

Enter                                                Do the command
Alt+Enter                                        Start a new line in the same cell.
Ctrl+Enter                                      Fill the selected cell range with the current entry.
Shift+Ctrl+F                                   Font Drop Down List
Shift+Ctrl+F+F                              Font tab of Format Cell Dialog box
Shift+Ctrl+P                                   Point size Drop Down List
Ctrl+Spacebar                                Select the entire column
Shift+Spacebar                               Select the entire row
CTRL+/                                              Select the array containing the active cell.
CTRL+SHIFT+O                             Select all cells that contain comments.

CTRL+\                                              In a selected row, select the cells that don’t match the formula or static value in the active cell.
CTRL+SHIFT+|                             In a selected column, select the cells that don’t match the formula or static value in the active cell.
CTRL+[                                          Select all cells directly referenced by formulas in the selection.
CTRL+SHIFT+{                            Select all cells directly or indirectly referenced by formulas in the selection.
CTRL+]                                          Select cells that contain formulas that directly reference the active cell.
CTRL+SHIFT+}                            Select cells that contain formulas that directly or indirectly reference the active cell.
ALT+;                                             Select the visible cells in the current selection.

SHIFT+BACKSPACE                  With multiple cells selected, select only the active cell.
CTRL+SHIFT+SPACEBAR       Selects the entire worksheet. If the worksheet contains data, CTRL+SHIFT+SPACEBAR selects the current region. Pressing CTRL+SHIFT+SPACEBAR a second time selects the entire worksheet. When an object is selected, CTRL+SHIFT+SPACEBAR selects all objects on a worksheet