The program for opportunities for companies to pay taxes at the most affordable rates


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The Institute of Internal Auditors of Mongolia and the Institute of Management Accountants of Mongolia are initiating and presenting the program for organizations, business owners tax inspection and risks knowledge, experience and skills, sharing experience and practical knowledge about opportunities for companies to pay taxes at the most affordable rates.

Who can apply?

  • Directors,
  • Executives,
  • Managers,
  • Accountants
  • Any others who is interested in.

Preparation to participate the program

Identify the problem you have in the past, and ask your professional teacher to ask for advice during the consultation hours, prepare for the consultation, and prepare the tax laws for your computer and smartphone.

Necessary tools to bring

Тулгамдаж буй асуудлаа сайн тодорхойлоод мэргэжлийн багшаас хэлэлцүүлгийн цагаар асууж, тодруулж зөвөлгөө авахад бэлтгэсэн байх, компьютер болон ухаалаг утсандаа татварын хуулиудыг хэрэглэж болохуйцаар бэлтгэсэн байх


Unit 1

Main Theory of Tax: The tax composition, tax classification, tax obligations, tax rules, and tax peculiarities

Unit 2

Corporate Income Tax, Value Added Tax, Personal Income Tax, Asset Tax

Unit 3

Tax Law, Taxpayer Registration, Tax Limit Term, Tax Imposition, Reporting, Tax Debt Management

Unit 4

Discussions /case studies of controversial complaints related to tax registration issues/

Unit 5

Tax dispute, settlement methods, administrative responsibility estimates, settlement of complaints through administrative procedures, resolving complaints by civil procedures

Unit 6

International tax perceptions: application of double taxation matters, tax overrun methods, thin capitalization rules, price transfer methods

Unit 7

Tax issues related to international tax /examples of the discussion/



More about training


9:30 AM – 17:30 PM

Tuition fees

150000 ₮


Naiman Sharga Center, Bizcon Audit building 4th floor, Room 402 Telephone: 95959107, 312273

Tuition includes

Free handbooks.Certificate course.


IIA Mongolia NGO
Khaan Bank: 5020183197
Business registry:8043019



Компаниуд хамгийн боломжит бага хэмжээгээр татвар төлөх хуулийн боломжууд сургалт