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This program is intended for the management of staff and law enforcement agencies to understand the financial and tax reports are based on financial information and to make sound decisions.


Who can apply ?

  • Shareholders,
  • Board members
  • Audit committee members,
  • Non-Financial executives
  • State inspectors /Police, prosecutors, control managers, social insurance executives, tax related professionals e.t.c
  • Managers
  • Directors, owners and administrators who wish to supervise their accountant
  • Everyone who is interested in.

Training needs:

Executives need to make financial decisions of the organization every day. The talent and intuition of executive has not been sufficient for the success of the organization in modern competitive world. Therefore, they need practical accounting and financial knowledge. To make the right decision you will surely need the understanding about financial state of your organization, tax, cash flows, and accounting.

Expected results:

You will learn about income and expense, budgeting, financial statement analysis, financial and tax reporting and the use of financial statement information to prevent tax and social security risks and make high level decisions of the company.  You will also learn the basic accounting principles and terms which could be useful in your everyday life.

Teachers ?

The class will be held by CIA Mongolia certified teachers and will use 4 books developed by the internationally qualified internal auditor authorization program, authored by the The President of the Institute of Internal Auditors Mongolia, Certified Internal Auditor L.Otgonbayar.


CIA Mongolia, CMA Mongolia, CICA Mongolia, CGA Mongolia, CPA, CPB Mongolia, CAT Mongolia, CCFO Mongolia, CCEO Mongolia

The President of the IMA Mongolia, IIA Mongolia, ICI Mongolia and the President of BIZCON AUDIT LLC
• 1993-1997 Mandakh University- Bachelor of Accounting
• 1997-1999 NUM Business school-Master of Science in Finance
• 1999-2006 MonCPA- Certified Public Accountant Mongolia
• 2003-2016 CIA Mongolia- Certified Internal Auditor Mongolia
• 2003-2016 CMA Mongolia- Certified Management Accountant Mongolia
• 2012 Financial Regulatory Commission, National Corporate Governance Center-Corporate Governance Trainer
• 2007 Japan, JAICA and JICPA- Accounting and Audit Ability Building Training
• 2006 IMCMA- Auditing and Assurance Service Certification Training
• 2002 Singapore, Raffles Education Center-Professional Training
• 2004 Ministry of Finance- IFRS Training
• 2005 Social Security Development Program – Training for Insurance Administrations
• 2007 Malaysia, Ernest & Young LLC – Training for World Class Corporate Governance, Strategic Planning, Risk Management and Supervision Coordination
• 1999 Arthur Andersen and Ministry of Finance-Training for Cost Management Accountant
• 2003 Asian Development Bank, IMCMA- Improving the Audit Firm's Policies and Procedures
• 2006 CMA Mongolia – Trainer and Consultant on Organizational Control Board or Auditing, and Internal Audit and monitoring System;
• 2007 CMA Mongolia– Trainer and Consultant on Administrative and Financial Management
• 2017-2018 Harvard University –General Management Program
• 1997-2001 Mandakh University- Accounting Teacher
• 1997-2001 Professional Council of Finance at the Finance Minister -Teacher
• 2001-2002 Arthur Andersen Mongolia LLC –Auditor
• 2004-2016 MonCPA- Board of Directors Member
• Since 2002 BIZCON AUDIT LLC- President
• Since 2003 IMA Mongolia-Head of the Institute
• Since 2003 IIA Mongolia-Head of the Institute


CIA Mongolia, CMA Mongolia, CICA Mongolia, CGA Mongolia, CPB Mongolia, CAT Mongolia

• In 2012 graduated by ``Economics and Accountant`` dual profession bachelor in NUM-School of Economics.
• In 2012-2013 6-month Accountant Training at ``Bizon Education Center`` of Bizon Audit LLC,
• In 2015 Accounting English Training at “English Language Club” of LAI LLC,
• In 2016 Methodology Follow-Up Course At Vocational Education and Training Center in Ulaanbaatar city
• From January 2013 to March 2013 Teacher at “Bizcon Education Center” of Bizcon Audit LLC
• Since March 2013 Teacher and Assistant Auditor at “Bizcon Audit LLC”
• Since 2015 Teacher of CIA Mongolia Program at CIA Mongolia, Teacher of CMA Mongolia Program at CMA Mongolia,
• Since 2017 Teacher of CICA Mongolia Program at IMA Mongolia,
• Since 2018 Teacher of CGA Mongolia Program at IMA Mongolia


1st Day


The basics of accounting and the financial statements you need to know
The purpose of the accounting is to provide necessary economic information for decision makers.
Key points and tax risks
Tax risk occurs when taxpayer fails to fulfill its obligations under tax legislation and it negatively affects the success of the business. In other words, if you violate tax legislation.


Tea time


Key points and primary documentation
What is valid or invalid primary documentation?
How to set control over cash, small cash, receivables, and inventory?
The information on cash flows and cash balances is the basis for determining the company’s financial regulation.

2nd Day


How to control count, depreciation, loss estimation of physical and intangible assets?
If an entity is able to obtain economic benefits from the asset in the future, then it means the asset can be controlled because it can only benefit itself.
What is the debt and how to control it?
Liabilities are the economic responsibility of an entity. Liability can be short and long term.


Tea time


What are equity, asset and net gain?
The real purpose of any business is to make a profit. Because equity value depends on a result of the profitability of a business, or in other words amount of net profit.
The relationship between financial, tax and social insurance statements and how to understand them
An organization shall maintain accounting records and report on the financial statements in accordance with International Accounting Standards. Tax reports shall be submitted in accordance with the tax legislation in Mongolia.

3rd Day


How to plan growth and control you income?
Any free of charge work, service or goods, whether it is to use, sell or transfer shall be regarded as income of the business organization.
How to control cost accounting?
An account for management of internal information, and its main purpose is to provide information on the cost of estimating, planning, evaluating and monitoring the goods.


Tea time


Understand the financial statements, get the right information, and avoid risk
Knowing how to deal with a company’s financial statements is an important skill for investors in stock. In order to understand the quality of the company’s investments, it is necessary to fully understand balance sheet, income statement and cash flow reports.
Analyze financial statements and make financial decisions, project development and significance
The financial ratio is valuable to calculate the company’s operating rate. In order to calculate financial ratio you will definitely need the balance sheet and income statement indicators.


3 working days.  17:00-20:00 PM


Bizcon 8 шарга салбар: Naiman Sharga Center, Bizcon Audit 4th floor, Room 402
Telephone: 95959107, 312273

Tuition includes

Workbooks, Certificate.


IMA Mongolia NGO
Khas Bank : 5000009705
Business registry : 9170839



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