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The Corporate Governance Certificate training is aimed at providing leadership skills to members and secretaries of the board, and is aimed primarily at strategic and long-term goals. Certificate will be provided after completion of this program.

Who can apply?

  • Board members
  • Directors,
  • Secretary of the Board,
  • Executives,
  • Everyone who is interested in

Expected results

  •  Learn corporate governance importance and best practices in the world,
  •  Learn building structure in your company aligned with Mongolian regulatory framework and the OECD principles
  •  Learn the role of independent, non-executive directors, the process of director selection, the separation of the chairman and the executive management, the independence of the board,
  • Learn the responsibilities in shareholders, board of directors and executive management and other stakeholders in corporate governance,
  • Learn the board of authority, the executive management directory and approve the strategy
  • Learn to protecting the interests of shareholders by ensuring internal control and disclosure of information,
  • Learn the duties of secretary of the board and the ways to organize meeting effectively.


The class will be held by CIA Mongolia certified teachers and will use 4 books developed by the internationally qualified internal auditor authorization program, authored by the The President of the Institute of Internal Auditors Mongolia, Certified Internal Auditor L.Otgonbayar.


1st Day


Corporate governance understanding
Board members
Corporate governance and law
Independent executive and non-executive directors
Board committees and executives
Shareholders, Board of Directors

2nd Day


Reporting and transparency
Financial training for non-financial board members
Major transactions and conflict of interest transactions
Risk management
External and internal audit
Corporate social responsibility

3rd Day


Test, evaluation and interview


working 2.5 days.


Naiman Sharga Center, Bizcon Audit 4th floor, Room 402
Telephone: +976-95959107

Tuition includes

Books and Certificate


IIA Mongolia NGO
Khaan Bank : 5020183197
Business Registry: 8043019



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