Accounting and Finance English


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Some learners have very specific needs which they want the teacher to help with; for example, they may be about to join an international project team, or need help answering a company telephone hotline, or want to describe their company’s products to a new customer. Other learners have a general aim to improve their English because it seems the right thing to do, and they need a less focused course. A third category might be learners with particular roles or functions, such as secretaries, accountants, or technicians. BIZCON would be glad to lead your career to success.

Who can apply?

  • Shareholders
  • Board members
  • Members of the Audit Committee
  • The top management of the organization
  • External and internal auditors
  • Accountants
  • All interested people


  • Intermediate English knowledge

Who will conduct the training?

This course is managed by a professional teacher.


Module 1

Accounting and Finance in changing world

Developing global professions
Establishing the profession worldwide

4 Days

Module 2

Reporting Performance

Annual financial statements
Company performance
Accounting for banks

4 Days

Module 3

Finance and investment

Overseas investment
Start-up capital
Trading options

4 Days

Module 4

Corporate environment, social and governance

Green accounting
Responsible investing
Corporate governance

4 days

Module 5

Risk management and Failure

Investment credit rating
Company insolvency
Banking-risky business

4 Days

Module 6


Auditor Liability
Clean report

4 days

Module 7

Check Test

Training graduate

Learn more about the trainings


  1. Week days
  2. 1 month.


Bizcon Mongol 3 branch: Mongolian 3rd school, 86a building, Bizcon office.   Telephone: +976-91919107

Tuition includes

Workbooks, practice.


IIA Mongolia NGO
Khaan Bank : 5020183197
Business Registry: 8043019



Бизнесийн англи хэл Elementary B1