Accountant & treasurer program for preparing organizational statement manually and in FINANCIAL SOFTWARE


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The purpose of the training is to provide practical knowledge to learn about three kinds of company reports.

Who can apply?

  • Provide accounting graduate students with practical skills to work
  • People who have a career accountant but have not worked for some time
  • Business owners who want to prepare their own financial statement
  • Everyone who is interested in accounting.

Expected results

The training will provide you with the ability to report all kinds of organizations and  the textbooks will be provided. Graduate students will get a certificate and furthermore, 100% practical based training of 6 months and 1 year certified course can be further enhanced.

Who will conduct the training?

The training will be led by experienced and professional teachers from the Institute of Management Accountants of Mongolia.


1st week


Who is treasurer?
What does treasurer do?
Co-operation of treasurer and accountant
Treasurer role in financial report

Exercise policy

The basics of Accounting

Understanding accounting
Purpose of accounting
What is account?
Account types
Double entry


Account code

Adjusting entry

Account code
Recording transactions in the general journal
Construct general journal
Prepare transaction balance
Deferred income
Deferred expense
Retained earnings
Retained loss


Cash budget report

Fixed asset report

Cash budget preparation
Cash receipt
Cash disbursement
Cash report statement
Fixed asset report
Depreciation methods of fixed asset
Fixed asset statementл

Primary accounting documentation

Wage report

Wage records
Social insurance premium calculations
Personal income tax estimation
Advance salary form
Salary table

Payroll details

2nd week

Inventory report

Inventory report
Cost of sold products
Inventory disbursement
Inventory receipt
Inventory detailed report

Primary documents
Treasure reports

Financial statement

Financial statement
Income statement
Statement of changes in equity
Cash flow statement


Tax statement

Statement of social insurance /form/
Statement of personal income tax /form/
Statement of Organization income tax /form/
Share capital balance sheet


VAT statement

Understanding VAT
VAT into accounts payable and receivables
VAT purchase invoice
VAT sale invoice
VAT statement /form/

VAT from

Receivables report
Equity report

Understanding receivable
Receivable types
Equity, dividend, stock

Wage statements

3rd week

Using EXCEL as financial software

Posting of transaction in journal
Post to journal
Balance sheet
Financial statement.
Income statement.
Equity statement.
Cash flow statement.


Using BIZCON 5.0 as financial software

Understanding Bizcon 5.0
Create data base
Opening balance
Posting of transaction in journal
Other statements and reports
Financial statement
Income statement
Equity statement
Cash flow statement
Statement of Organization Income Tax
Statement of social insurance
Statement of personal income tax
Statement of value added tax



Learn more about training


15 working days.

  • Morning
  • Daytime
  • Evening


  1. Naiman Sharga Center, Bizcon Audit 4th floor, Room 402. Telephone: 95959107, 312273
  2. Mongolian 3rd school, 86а Block. Telephone: 96969607, 7011910
  3. VIP Branch: National Academy of Governance, Bizcon Building, 2nd floor Telephone: 91919107

Tuition includes

Workbooks, Certificate, Financial software with lifetime.


IIA Mongolia NGO
Khaan Bank: 5020183197
Business registry: 8043019



ААН, байгууллагын санхүү, татвар, нийгмийн даатгалын тайлангуудыг гар аргаар, Microsoft Excel, Бизкон-5.0 санхүүгийн программ дээр гаргаж сурах нярав хосолсон сургалт