Certified Chief of Executive – /CCEO Mongolia/ Exam Preparation Program 


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The program is based on needs of enterprise executives to understand practical information such as finance, accounting, taxation, social insurance, internal audits, internal controls, and governance.

The program purpose is provide information for executives about what sort of information to expect and how to cooperate with CFO, management accountants, senior accountants, internal auditors, accountants and bookkeepers.

Who can apply?

  • Shareholders, Board members, Directors and CEOs
  • Heads of public and non-governmental organization
  • Executives of any type organization

Program needs

Corporate executive, CEOs are required to make financial decisions on a daily basis. Successful management sensitivity and intuition to achieve the organization have not been sufficiently satisfactory in today’s competitive times. Therefore, accounting, auditing, supervision and financial practice is necessary to them.

Understanding the financial, tax, cash flows, and accounting of your organization helps you to make the right decision in the board of directors meetings, the audit committee meetings, and allows you to monitor financial information.

Benefits of the program

In this course, you will learn about income and expenditure, budget, financial statement analysis, financial and tax reports, reading skills, and tax reporting and social security risks and how to use financial report information to make decisions at the profit level of the company. You will also learn the basic accounting principles and apply them in their life.

Certified Chief of Executives



1 month on Tuesday and Thursday

Morning class:  9:30-12:30


Bizcon VIP branches: On the opposite side of the Academy of Management, Bizcon building, 2nd floor
Утас: 91919107

Tuition includes

Workbooks, Certificate.


IIA Mongolia NGO
Khaan Bank: 5020183197
Business registry: 8043019



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