How to submit tax report online

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You should receive code from administrative tax section from your area to send online reports.
You can access to and as follows:
Access to the system – Enter the “” with your password and username.
Select the type of tax report – Choose the tax type to report from the ‘Tax report’ menu.
Insert and save tax report – Enter the selected tax statement and save it.
Sending tax return – Check out the saved report and check whether it is expressed in MNT. Report
errors may be corrected before sending.
View the report submitted – Return to the “View Report” menu for tax returns, reports and VAT
receipts for the reporting period.
Correcting tax returns – Correcting misstated reports.
Log out the system – After the report has finished entering, you have to exit the system.

You have to read “” the instructions and recommendations for reporting and then you submit the report to the Tax Office in a correct and accurate form accordingly.
You can submit an online report to the “” and also you can obtain your taxpayer’s registration, tax return, payment and residual information, register your email address and change your password. If the taxpayer’s registration, tax liability, payment and balance are not reflected in the tax office’s information, you shall notify to the tax authority.

You will send an online report to the tax office before 00:00 hours of the reporting period, if your submitting period is expired you have send online form request to the relevant tax authority.
Start and end date of Annual online reporting period are first day of the year until first day of the following year, other online reporting should be submitted in between the start and the end of the month.
Please be aware that the online reporting system is closed other times.
You can edit and correct the report if your reports is incorrect.
If the report is to be edited, the taxpayer may correct the report and submit it again before the deadline for issuing the report.

You will be able to see your taxpayer’s registration, tax rate, payment, and balance information from the next day you submit your e-mail report.
If you submit your value-added tax returns to your e-mail, the VAT receipts for sales and purchases are should be directed in the “Online report system” from “Ebarimt” system.
It is not necessary to return (confirm) the paper if you are using digital signature. If the digital signature is not used, the report must be submitted in the form of a paper.
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